Dan Ritter Appointed New Assistant NVC

Steve Tozzi has had to resign his position as the Assistant NVC due to the fact that he is moving to Florida, we wish him well. At this time I can announce the Northwest Division has a new ANVC who is Dan Ritter a retired CW04 from Bozeman, Montana. He has accepted the roll as the Northwest Division ANVC. Dan is a great addition. Welcome aboard Dan!

TJ Morgan, Northwest Division NVC

In Memory of Jeannie “Bunny” Gray

Jeannie "Bunny" Gray

Past Assistant North West Division National Vice Commandant, Past Department of Oregon Commandant, and Past USS Oregon Commandant passed away May 1, 2018 following several strokes at 89 years of age.

Bunny retired from the military (Marines and Navy) and then served with the Veterans Administration. After her retirement she joined the Marine Corps League where she served for twenty-five years. Bunny was a hard working member of the League and will be dearly missed.

Internment will be at the Willamette National Cemetery.

Honor Guard Facebook Page

I have started a closed group Facebook page for members interested in our Honor Guard. This is a way to share pictures, thoughts and ideas and a way to be involved.  Just go to the FB search bar and enter Marine Corps League Honor Guard and ask to join. I or another admin will approve you.
Semper Fi
TJ Morgan, NVC Northwest Division

NW Division 2018 National Midwinter Report

This report is a culmination of activities at National Midwinter, from 28 February through 3 March, 2018. First off I can report that this was one of the most attended midwinters on record. A well-attended conference with around 300 attendees.

Click this link to view entire report.

I will address more at each department convention so this is most of the highlights. See you all in the coming months.

Please do hesitate to email me if you have questions!

Semper Fidelis

TJ Morgan

NVC Northwest Division

Scuttlebutt from TJ Morgan


I have seen a lot of work this year on the Toys for Tots drive. You have all done a great job and should be commended, I salute you!

I am on my way out the door in a couple of weeks to start my yearly travel for the Marine Corps League. First up I head to Marine West in Camp Pendleton CA. I always love to go down and support our expos and the MCL members in the SW Division. I then leave for the East coast for this year’s Midwinter conference n Fredericksburg VA. We have a lot of work to get done there. Besides the regular BOT meetings and such, I have been tasked by the National Commandant to work on and deliver recommendations for standardization of our uniforms and SOP for the Funeral detail. I will present the committee’s findings and recommendations to both the BOT and to the floor.

Next are the 2018 Department conventions. I will attend each one again this year not just so you can see my face but to pass on to you what the BOT and others are doing for you the membership of the league. I will be seeking your support for my last tour starting at the National convention in Buffalo NY, So a busy year again with a hell of a lot of travel and comradery with al l of you.

See you all very soon.

Semper Fi


Toys for Tots

Toys For Tots


It’s that time of year again where we work our tails off for the Toys for Tots program making children less fortunate than us happy. The reserves in your area may be requesting a little more help from us so they may have a “be ready to fight” mindset and work on a bit more training. This is being asked from them by their top general and the CMC. There will also be a push on the Honor guard end of things.

I have been tasked by the National Commandant to head up the funeral detail Committee and look at a more standardized uniform as well as a possible certification program Nationwide. We are unique in the fact that we have the 4 seasons to deal with so I challenge you all to shoot me an email about how your Honor guard deals with the cold/rainy and windy weather. What do you wear? What adornments would you like to see on your uniform? I get a lot of comments on the triangle folded flag pin. Do you have a state certification program? If so who administers that. I am not sure if we will have a one size fits all program, but I think we sure could have some options for our area due to the seasons.

Have a great holiday and cherish the time with you loved ones.

TJ Morgan



Welcome to the New NW Division Website

Welcome to the new NW Division Marine Corps League website! Derral Hunt has worked hard as the new Web Sgt to furnish us with a detailed, easy to navigate, device friendly site. Thank you Derral for stepping it up.

Next comes Modern Day Marine on September 18-21. If you ever get a chance to, attend an expo. They are truly a great way to see what's happening in the Corps and a great way to visit with active duty Marines.

September is my NWDIV confence here in Spokane on September 29-30 attend if you can.

Lastly check back often because this site will add new things all the time.

Semper Fi!


TJ Morgan

National Vice Commandant