Northwest Division Conference

September 13-15, 2019

The NWDIV conference is fast approaching. The Hotel has contacted me with a change in contract so we do have a minimum room sales of at least 5. We have 10 rooms in the block set aside for us. Please visit the NWDIV website for Hotel information and get your reservations made ASAP.
We need to raise money again to help offset this event. We don't charge for it nor do we require any registration. There are no meals provided or any dinner banquet for those of you who have never been here. We will have a 50/50 raffle and I ask again for all of you to bring one worthy auction item and we will take bids on those items till 1400. There have been some great items in the past so find something and bring it.
The uniform is MCL cover and a nice polo shirt. This is a casual event and one that is not structured like a regular meeting but one of information from the convention, discussions about many topics. I will set a agenda after convention. I will run this conference if I win the NJA position or not. Modern Day Marine travel day is Sunday right after our meeting so Dan Ritter will stay home to fly out to the East coast. Here next year for sure.
I look forward to seeing most of you in Billings and please push this out as an open invitation. We have a room for 35 members.

TJ Morgan, NVC Northwest Division