2019 Awards Packet

To Marine Corps League Members of the Northwest Division

Commandant T.J. Morgan has requested that the 2019 Division Award Packet be posted on the Division website. All forms are available for downloading in this post. They must be filled out and mailed with a postmark no later than April 15, 2019 to have awards presented at your state conventions. By doing this your Detachments and Departments have access to the forms more readily to recognize those Marines, Associates and Citizens within your unit and community for the hard work they perform on behalf of their community, the Detachment, The Department, the Marine Corps League and the program we support.

You may submit nominees to the NW Division Awards committee anytime during and up to April 15, 2019. This will give the committee plenty of time to process and receive the awards for the Commandant to present at your state convention or at the request of your unit commandant at a special event.

All nominee recommends must have the Awards nomination form, a letter of explanation why the nominee is being recommended, and the signatures of approval by both the Detachment and Department Commandants unless the nominee is the Commandant, then the Sr Vice may sign as the Authoritative signature. Forward all nominees request to the NW Division Awards Chair, address is on the forms.

All nominations for other National awards must be signed by the Detachment, Department and Division Commandants, so if you are recommending a member, associate or a citizen within you community. Then forward the appropriate Forms and Letters to the Division Awards Chair.

Commandant Morgan wishes that if you have someone that is in your unit or community which is a driving force to promote the values of the Marine Corps League and is providing services to our Veterans, Senior Citizens and the Youth through their efforts and hard work why not recognize them and say Thank You for your dedication and service.

Please download the following files: